APEC 1/1, Part #9 – Open Discussion & Ad Hoc Presentations

https://www.americanantigravity.com – Jeremy Rys sings about APEC with his acoustic guitar, and conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time.

In this conference session, Charles Crawford III will present on Alexey Chekurkov’s Graviflyer Kit, and Mike Gamble will be discussing Tesla’s Resonant Motor, and Tim Ventura will present on the Hutchison Effect Materials samples. We’re also joined by special guest George Hathaway, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

Links & Resources:

• Mike Gamble:

• Charles Crawford III:

• Hutchison Effect Analysis

• Hutchison Effect Materials


• Original 1980’s Footage Remaster

• Original 1980’s Footage Remaster (v2)

• John on Metal Jellification

• George Hathaway

• Harold Berndt

• The John Hutchison Interview (2005)

• The Hutchison Effect: Technical Interview with John Hutchison

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