ultrasonic propulsion part 1

After my very interesting experiment with ultrasonic cavitation in the red screwdriver, i stumbled upon a small device which float on water and eject a jet of vapor or mist. And i wanted to see if this jet could be used to propell something. And it works very well.

The question is why. The ultrasonic transducer is only a small round plate which vibrates at high frequency and by doing this it “shakes” violently the water which seems to enter cavitation and probably implodes and provokes the mist or something like that ??

But as there is no “duse” or Laval tuyère or ventury, what make the vapor be ejected from the plate (transducer) in one very straight direction. Or other said how the action /reaction takes place

If somebody with a good “slow motion” camera could replicate this experiment it would be very helpfull i think.
I have not made a big research on the net to see if perhaps someone has already made this experiment and knows how it works.


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