Zero P19… Fine Fine Just.. Fiiinnnee Ant B… (Finishing The Electronics The Hard Way…)

well.. after a lot of hard work i finally have a fully working prototype.

here’s your update on the Zero electronics, interlocks, Safety’s ETC.

its all working as planned… now its time to drive it around for a while… and make 100% sure there is no flukes in my electronics…

I hope you all are staying safe and doing the proper thing to keep others around you safe.

Thank you for all your support! Here, we take it one day at a time…

For donations to help keep things going…:

My bitcoin address. : 1A4XGLmjQqZ5nzKHmqo4DpNsCXWufsCdpd


You can also just use PayPal if you’d like here:

God Bless,

~Russ Gries

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