Part 1 EEV blog criticism creates protest of FE community

In number of videos EEV blog videos are calling FE community with names.
I respect his freedom of expression however there are some boundaries
gentleman must not cross. Entire forum of EEV blog in topic
“Bullshit: Texzon Wireless Power”

has also rights to freedom of expression according to American freedom of speech rights.
However when balance is not kept and:
-individuals who examined Viziv Tesla tower are terminated from EEV blog,

– FE activists are scrutinized by that forum

– activists are banned by the owner of YouTube EEV Blog

-his own activity in this area looks like paid by feared Eastern regimes targeted action.

….than we are dealing no longer with freedom of expression but with one party propaganda in good “soviet style”
It is great discomfort to address my complain to that definitely talented high level professional, but if it is needed it will be massive response form FE community in all forums.
Let’s go to the next one:

The Hackaday forum is even worse….

Hackaday is making changes to original comments changing its meaning ,and that is falsification.
Posts are altered , words are cut and this is against American law .

*My video is friendly to EEV blog , and I hope we can avoid escalation of that situation,*
I don’t say the same about Hackaday forum – they didn’t deserve any respect from our community .

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