Eugene Podkletnov 2020 Experiments – A new experimental video from Eugene Podkletnov claims to demonstrate a gravitational shielding or gravity-modification effect on a sample suspended above a high-speed rotating disk. According to Podkletnov, the disk is NOT composed of a superconductor, but instead an ion-impregnated gold foil on an aluminum substrate.

Podkletnov says, “I’m not calling this effect gravitational shielding, but instead a modification of the local gravitational field. This comes from the work I began this work 30 years ago — learning how to use high-speed rotating objects with superconducting components to modify gravity.”

What I’ve found, however, is that the superconductors are needed only to create a certain density of electrons, so in the experiments you seen in this video we’re working with very thin gold layers which generate the same effect at room temperature.”

“My latest research shows that working with composite materials that do not include superconductors at all, we’re able to create gravity fields, in vacuum, in the air, and so far in every object placed within the vicinity of this experimental gravity generator. It’s a much more efficient method.”

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