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posted with permission.

AIRTIME EXTENSION: The Swiss Army Knife of Crypto Tools

Today I wanted to put out a bit of a video tutorial that speaks about the AirTime extension and browser and all the cool things you can do with it. I also talk about how this extension relates our native cryptocurrency: Tube, and how the tools being developed by the BitTube team (like AirTime extension) are very important to drive future use and adoption.

This video is a complement video to my video titled: “Why Buy Tube Now?” (the case for 100X) If you would like to hear my case for $TUBE cryptocurrency going 100X in the next year please see this video: https://bittubers.com/post/97001bd7-46c6-4a89-86e5-22aaf5b44ae0

PLEASE be sure sure comment, good or bad…. Good engagement drives use. Use drives value. Value makes us wealthy. : ) .

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