BitTube CEO Saber Marem Interview done by Nachodon

BitTube CEO Saber Marem Interview done by Nachodon

Ok here it is! The ONE+ hour long interview with the man, the myth and legend, CEO: Saber Marem concerning ALL THINGS BitTube!

In this interview Saber touches all bases regarding the BitTube ecosystem, the lofty ambitions for the project, and the upcoming improvements coming soon to Bittubers, Airtime and #TUBE

Saber is candid about the general crypto market and where we are heading in our future battles against the entrenched power brokers of this current world and how Bittube fits into this paradigm.

I hope you’ll be as delighted by the BitTube CEO and founder’s determination, ambition, and most importantly his vision of how we all get to a better future and a freer world, as I was.


Copied wiith permission from User Nachodon ( The interviewer)
from his channel at:

Many thanks for this great Interview.
P.S. I was also mentioned at Minute 58:45
Regards, Stefan. (Hartiberlin)

#bittube #bittubers #Tube #Crypto

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