Resurrecting a dead XBOX – Part 2

First video:

Modchip install PDF:

Video referenced of fitting:

Put the C: and E: files of a new dashboard or original files of an old XBOX HDD into the folders in the ‘linux’ directory. For none chipped boxes, the eeprom.bin from your actual XBOX itself should be put into the ‘eeprom’ folder. That will ‘fool’ the XBOX into thinking it is the original 15 year old HDD.

Microsoft original Dashboards:

TSOP soldered connections:

Arcade games/8 bit computers/N64/PSX emulation etc

How to set up XBMC-Emustation:

Medal of Honor game (good seller):
($3.19 free shipping)
XBOX controller, very good solid quality:
($7.95 free shipping)
Modchip, Aladdin XT:
(8.77 free shipping)
All USA sellers. Can be much cheaper on the slow boat, but I support USA small businesses.

A ‘softmod’ would have been far easier, if my DVD drive would read DVD+R’s.
However, it doesn’t and the Thomson drive is well known for that issue.
Otherwise, I could have used a game save from exploited games such as the original Splinter Cell. That original disc would go in the XBOX and then I could have put a working dashboard on the system.
This route has been for how to get a thoroughly knackered XBOX up and running, then modded.

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