How to make your own colloidal copper

Hi there,

Here i show you how to make your own colloidal copper.
I use a home made adjustable power supply that gives DC current.

Colloidal copper aids in giving your body its elasticity back.
Also it helps in metabolizing Magnesium better.

It helps pushing iron and calcium in the right places in the body so it wont be swimming around in your arteries building up plaque anymore.

Copper and vitamine C combined give you strong arteries.

I suggest you find info (on youtube) about:

– Iodine difiiciency
– Collodial copper
– vitamin A
– Vitamin C

You will find, if you supplement with Iodini (lugols)
and you supplement with collodial copper, whilst taking vitamine A (wich is in dairy products and in Eggs) you will feel much better, stronger, no more pain in joints, healthy skin. etc etc.

I simply couldn’t stop myzelf from sharing this.

I hope you can make your self healthier with this knowledge.

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