Denis Sabourin handcrank light generator trailer

Denis Sabourin handcrank light generator trailer
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This is a video from Denis Sabourin . He sent me this video to post it for my members. Happy new year.He writes:
Since I see people are interested in more autonomy and I am working on lighting for developing countries as you know, I am struggling to finish another video of another generator alternating energy, one minute spin will give you the autonomy of 2 months of lighting 24h a day and if you just use it in the night it will last even 3 months.

The input is to spin the alternator for 1 minute and the NI-CD SC 1300 milliamps 1.2V with a resistor and a circuit will do the job.

So each family in developing countries can have a small generator like this to charge at least 6 batteries of those I mentioned, in serie and you can use it as light or to charge a cellphone.
The size of the generator is a little bit bigger than the first one I did. Its around 20cm x 15 cm.
I will try to finish the video today.
Would you be willing to publish it on your channel or would you like to me to send you the video for you to publish?

Imagine how many people have no access to any light.

The price of the gravity light I saw is around 65 Euros for a tiny generator which I find very expensive. This one will cost a little bit more, maybe almost twice because it has 5 times more autonomy if not more but still in an accessible price for people with no money and it can be paid by montly payments of course, in case I can find someone to partner with and build them in quantity. We could get the parts from China. But I will show you the concept for now and you can tell me what you think.

I will try to finish it today.

Kind regards,

Denis Sabourin

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