Trailer Bittube ZPower Sylvesternight2018 Livechat with Mark Brasche from Zerolabs

This is just the trailer, the Full Movie with Zero you can see here:

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Hi tested yeasterday night in the Sylvesternight 2018 some Livestreaming with Livechat fed to Streamlabs OBS and streamed this Live on Youtube. For those, who missed it, here is the recording. I am uploading now all my new videos only onto Bit.Tube , so all viewers also get paid by watching it, if you also have a Bit.Tube account. You get 5 Tube coins for free also:!2JP4SLWLH

Here are the infos about the ZPower ERR unit: or:

Mark Brasche from Zerolabs ( ) joined in and we spoke about Bit.Tube and the new ERR Solid State Free Energy Generator Prototype.

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