The Micro watt "Cheesy Fan"… PMBO 2018 ~Russ’s Official Unofficial Entry.

Well… This was build because I have been dreaming about building such a device for 6 months. I finally decided i “just have to do it”. This was no small task. In fact It was a daunting task…. It was more of an over whelming mind challenge than anything. But some how i did it.

The coils alone took over 50 hrs to make. not including lamination, cutting tape, cutting out wires, striping wires.. etc… that another 50 hrs or more…

This video dose not do justice on the amount of insanity this was to do. However this device has much more significance than i present here.

This device was build with the last 13 years of my knowledge combined in to one very precise device to prove a point.
This point is yet to be demonstrated to my self with my own device due to lack of time… ( i just got it built) with a lot more work to do still i will continue to push this to high voltages and better controls. I will succeed….

Thanks to the countless people who Inspire me to keep going (including you the viewers) . And the most important, God him self, who has given me the gits that i get to share with you in these videos. and my wife who keeps me feed, ( else i may not be in such good health) because i just totally forget what time it is and forget to eat… and to my family who has blessed me with love.

happy new year! 2018 is over… and 2019 is going to be amazing!

love you all, God Bless ~Russ

Built for the 2018 PMBO. more info below:

Please post your intro videos here:

If you need help accessing the forums or posting your video email me! :

But Russ! what about prizes? (update there are now PRIZES!!!!
Thanks to and for sponsoring this years PMBO prizes!

1st place = $100 in Bitcoin and 3016 Ohmcoin(edited)
2nd Place = $50 in store credit on
3rd place = $30 in Bitcoin

Here are the Rules… and everything you need to know:

Start date ( now!!!) Nov 6th.
Entry date BEFORE (new years eve) Dec 31. (12:00 midnight your local time)

Ok, The clock is ticking! Now GO HAVE SOME FUN!

God bless,

Places to donate to the research. :

My bitcoin address. : 1A4XGLmjQqZ5nzKHmqo4DpNsCXWufsCdpd


You can also just use PayPal if you’d like here:

My Equipment:

for recording:

Gopro Hero 4 silver ( borrowed 🙂 ) :

Panasonic HC-VX981K:

With VW-W4907 0.75X Wide Angle lens:


motovlog mic:
MicroMemo/XtremeMac/Voice-Audio Recorder for I-Pod Nano 2nd Generation – I just use the mic part…

Nikon ME-W1 Bluetooth:

Azden SGM-990:

for editing:

TRNDlabs VENTURA Wireless Headphones:

Asus GL551JM-DH71:

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