Put new life in old power tools with the RE-EMF charger

I converted two old Makita power tools that were previously NI CD , or nickel cadmium Battery’s to Li ion , or Lithium Ion battery powered power tools.

I converted the standard battery charger to a RE-EMF charger.
Then i changed the standard circuit a little, so that the charger auto powers down when the desired voltage is reached in the lithium ion cells.

The new circuit is designed so that i only need to change 1 component to choose another maximum battery voltage.

This way the circuit is always the same and you can easely choose what max. voltage you want set.

The charger detects the max. battery voltage and then simply disconnects the whole charging circuit.

My plan is to create a PCB board with all the components in place. For all the hobby fans that want a RE-EMF charger like this, but are not really in for all the electrical mumbo jumbo, this will be a very simple option.

Once i have it done, i will let you all know.

This circuit and the way i build all this will be applicable to all kinds of power tools. So instead of buying a whole new power tool, you can cheaply repair or even upgrade your old tools.

All this building, testing, inventing and putting it out there really takes a bunch of time so i hope to bring it to you asap.

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