A frequency tunable Exciter

Simply supporting the 2 ends of a similar coil to Dr. Stiffler’s L3 coils, can allow the primary coil to be slid through for a required frequency.
An 80 turn coil of 28AWG and a primary coil of 24 turns of the same wire, gives a frequency range of between ~9MHz and ~16MHz.
The larger sized tube coil has been tested with as few as 50 turns and still runs. Frequency was 21MHz.

Such a simple method of adjusting the frequency had not been personally tested and the presumption was that the differences in height on a regular Slayer Exciter were only bringing a coil into the most efficient running area. In fact, it would seem that the frequency is being altered.

Skywatcher123’s idea of using many turns on the primary coil has formed this present set of experiments. It is hopefully of use to those studying wireless electricity and the work of Dr. Stiffler.

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