FM wireless electricity idea via Lation Fly

Carrier frequency thoughts, from an idea inspired by a comment on the original SWES video.

One idea, may be to use a 13.6MHz frequency on top of the regular switching speed of a Slayer or other Exciter. That would link with the present Dr. Stiffler based experiments.

Such a system is probably used in Qi wireless transfer for the handshake to occur with mobile device charging. It is certainly one way to easily pass data in a radio type system, that also transmits power.
The other way around, with a lower frequency, can modulate the output of a plasma capable Tesla coil for music.

Original SWES video:
Includes connections diagram.
If your transistor heats up, a diode from the negative of the battery helps. Also a resistor to the Base. But, it does then start to move away from its roots as the simplest Exciter type circuit.
Higher voltages than 1.5V do need a resistor to the Base, else the coil over saturates and the system stops.
Minimum is approx 9 turns, 12 or 15 being optimal.

The SWES 2 is slightly easier to build, just a few turns of wire on a pills bottle as a former.
SWES 2 video:

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