No B-EMF bi-toroid transformer Part 1

Hi There,

Here i experiment with the Bi-toroid transformer principle by Thane Heins.
It appears to be possible to draw power from the secundary’s of this type of transformer, without increasing the input current.

Normally in classic transformers, when a transformers idles, without a load on the secundary, the power draw is low. Then when you put a load on the secondary coil of the transformer, the load is always reflected back to the primary coil. Ergo when drawing 5 watts from the secondary coil, will increase your input power with at least 5 watt.

In the Bi-Toroid transformer case, this does not happen. There is no reflection back to the primary coil.

This is part 1 of 3

I hope you like what i am doing.
Any ideas, i am all ears

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