Stephane Fyfe circuit test

Stephane Fyfe circuit test
Special Supercap circuit.
First test after receiving the parts..
Sorry, first minute is in German language.. then I switched to English language…
More to come….

Here you can get a few components from Amazon for this circuit if you want to try it:

Bright 5V 24 Piranha LEDs Lamp

or Cheaper 12 Volts 12 LEDs lamp:

500 Farad Caps

Maxwell Technologies Inc.
Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors 2.7V 100F Wire Lead

700 Farad cap can only be found on Ebay:

another one:

2 pieces 700 Farad caps

Here are these stepup converters that already work from 0.9 Volts on and output 5 Volts on
a USB plug. Very handy for charging your phone or some USB lights.
Also very cheap already 10 Pieces for just 3.15 US$ on Ebay.

Or here 10 pieces simular one on Amazon a bit more expensive:

Here are 3 pieces for a good price on Amazon for 3 pieces Stepup converters, that already work from 0.8 Volts on:

Here are 5 pieces for a good price on Ebay:

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