2017 FE Summary of what happened in Free Energy

Summary for what happened in FE in year 2017.
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1. video editing for education /documenting /publishing experiments

2.Keshe “Free energy” Tear-down, examination, opinions.

3.Maksim Aliev “Free Energy Device” “”?????” very much questionable

4.Denis Dniester series part 1 of 3

5.Denis Dniester series part 2 of 3

6.WHAT IS TRUE IN Free Energy

7.Tesla’s homeland – European lab walk around, and some important hideouts inside

8.What’s common in Norman Shah Afridi , Lutec, EBM, Kapanadze, Free Energy Device

9.Visit to Tesla Wardenclyffe Tower

10.Do voice overs In DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta using Fairlight

11.Sergey / Wesley Messages Hidden in writing of Tesla

12.Andrey Tirtha Why Ether is forbidden

13.Wesley’s News part1 9/21/2017 ( sonoluminescence)

14.Kapanadze blue coil by Anton Dremlyuga

15.Maxim Aliev Максим Алиев controversy

16.Spherical Mirrors and Nuclear lightning strikes

17.Prof Lewin easy and funny way to understand electrostatics and electricity

18.Prof Lewin easy,funny way to understand Capacitance Electric Field Energy

19.Prof Lewin: Levitation of a woman, Superconductivity, plasma, magnetic pressure

20.Prof Lewin Standing Wave and Traveling Wave

21.NAND gate MIT Lecture

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