Example Scopeshots from Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope

Are you getting the most from your oscilloscope?
Here are some example scopeshots from my Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.
These are not intended to teach anything in particular, they are just examples from my regular daily use of the scope in various experiments.
For more information about any one particular shot or usage, ask in a comment and I’ll try to answer!

Pause the video to study individual shots of interest.

The shots in order are:

1. Use of basic cursors
2. FFT– all harmonics of a relatively clean sine wave
3. FFT– odd harmonics of a squarish wave
4. Resonance in a Tesla Bifilar coil
5. Frequency Sweep showing Resonant Points
6. Phase cursors
7. Reference Waveform comparison
8. Zoom of Pulse Train
9. Weird waveform capture
10. Full Wave Bridge analysis with Math
11. Intensity Graded display of AM signal
12. Intensity Graded display at 100 MHz
13. Pass-Fail Mask testing with Glitch
14. Full Measurement Table
15. Classic High Voltage ringdown w/100x probe
16. Classic HV ringdown w/100x probe
17. Frequency Sweep showing Resonant Response
18. Spike Risetime 4 nanoseconds
19. Elephant-Shark waveform
20. X-Y display of ScopeClock
21. TTL signal gate propagation delay
22. Complex 4-channel use with Math
23. Elephant-Shark waveform

The music is “Blue Break” by Silent Partner from the YT Free Audio Library. Thanks folks!

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