Binnotec Konferenz 2017 DVD Presentation Tom Valone Part 2

Binnotec Konferenz 2017 DVD Presentation Tom Valone Part 2
Presentation of a DVD sent by Professor Tom Valone, who was ill and could not attend the
conference in Berlin, Germany. Part 2 of 2.
So instead he did send a DVD about his latest reseach on Future Energy.
This was shown on the 9th Berlin Conference for Innovative Energytechnologies,
This conference was organised from the German Association of Space-Energy (DVR) in cooperation
with BINNOTEC e.V., the Berlin Institute for iNNOvative TEChnologies.
This Presentation was done at the
11th of November 2017 in Berlin, Germany.
The Rest of my movies of this conference event can be seen only in German language only,
cause it was a Berlin,Germany based conference: Watch them here in this playlist:

Because I was only there the first day and could not film the second day,
have a look at the Youtube channel of Robert Fleischer from the Youtube channel “Exopolitik” , who was also there with a professionel Cameraman and who taped the complete Conference and his Movies about it will be shown soon over here on his channel:
Regards, Stefan.

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