Scoposcopy: Trigger and Sweep Modes of Rigol DS1054z DSO

This is a demonstration of the difference between the Auto Sweep Mode and the Normal Sweep Mode, and how the “Z-Box” responds to Triggering in each case.

This demonstration uses the basic default Edge trigger type, rising edge, and shows where the scope triggers on the waveform and what happens if no trigger event is detected.

The Rigol DS1054z scope is extremely powerful for its price point. You could call it a “basic beginner’s DSO” and it is that, but it has many advanced features that require some learning curve and which have not commonly been found on low-end DSOs. I’ve addressed a few of those features, like some of the advanced trigger types, in some previous videos, and as time goes by I’ll be showing more.

While it still has some “issues”, most of the bugs noted in the past two years have been resolved by recent firmware updates. This scope is running the latest firmware release,

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