Luminary 3000 – AI build + downloadable short story

Short story download:

I wrote ‘Peltier Goes To Hollywood’ a couple of months ago, introducing a home assistant AI as the main character.
All is not as it seems with the Luminary Industries range of products. Clever, cunning, resourceful. Peltier uses his intellect to narrowly avoid a close call with destruction within the story.
Have a read, it’s fun and lighthearted, with a couple of twists to the storyline.

A self compiled version of Armbian Xenial (with full Desktop), though headless server versions are available from
Either way will work, I just wanted to have desktop functionality if wished and Armbian don’t have a Desktop image for the Orange Pi Zero.
AlexaPi is the AI system software:
Peltier”s voice is ‘Bruno’, from:

Orange Pi Zero
16Gb Class 4 micro SD card (got none faster)
PAM8403 audio amp
‘Arduino’ pre-boosted microphone
Salvaged PC fan – running quietly at 5V rather than the designed 12V
2.2″ SPI screen
TEC1-12706 Peltier module, not connected
Camera lens, not connected

Cost: Approx $20 to build

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