Z Probe Micro Switch Shoot Out! How Accurate Are They For 3D Printing? + Hall Probe testing

So how accurate are those little buggers? lets find out!

Also note that i did not do a “contact contact” test in the video ( I forgot)

So the results for contact to contact were:
Total Deviation From Mean: 1.24 um
Total max / min : 3 um

This is the lowest ( best) of everything tested.
This basically means that my delta in its current state has a resolution of about 3um +/- 1.5um for the Z access. That’s not to bad that’s .003mm!
so this will need to be understood when looking at all the other data.

Thanks for watching!!

~Russ Gries


Tom’s video / page:

My Z Hall probe.

Original Z Hall probe.

my edited Version of the hall probe from sainsmart:


I use this hall sensor, its cheep and reliable.

For my hall probe set up i use a rod from a CD/DVD player / Rom, they seem to be all the same size.
The magnets are 3/16″ cube.

here is all the data i generated from theses test:

Some old footage of me showing the z probe

watch me build this printer the RWG-OSD-CNC:

my other 3d printing research:

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