RWG-OSD-CNC Update, New Heli Controler for Speed Regulation, Bed Mesh.

Hey guys I wanted to give you this update, however I recorded this video at the beginning of the year 🙂 not much changed sense then though.

The new controller is a YEP 18A, I’m not so sure i like this controller so i may even try a another, or keep playing with the settings on this one.

live stream video:

Please see more here
for now the rest of the project:

The Filament Extruder PCB:

and cutting the PCB:

The Red holder and vac duct you see in this video was made with PLA PLUS, they have sponsored this build with some of there filament!

see more here:
also They will give you FREE samples! go to there website blelow.

US :

UK :

God Bless! ~Russ Gries

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