Alperen Future Green Energy: T® = + [N = – (??/?t)] (Click&Read/klikle&Oku)

TurXator® ve TurXotor® technologies that verifies “Alperen Energy Regeneration Law” in science; Invented and patented by Col. Attila ALPEREN®

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Alperen Future Green Energy T® = + [N = – (??/?t)] on video;
1. As electricity; on lamps; Turxator Energy, “REUSE”
2. As mechanic power: increased rpm; Turxotor Energy “CANCEL”
3. As saved energy; %50 decreased input power; result; “OVER UNITY”

As result: we did “cancel Lenzs Law effects” and “reuse” this energy positively…

TurXotor® & TurXator® Energy:

T® = + [N = – (??/?t)]

Energy Conservation Law says;

Faraday law: N = ??/?t
Lenzs Law: N = – (??/?t)

We agreed that Faraday and Lenzs Laws are correct.

Efficiency ratio;
E = [N = ?? / ?t] / [N = – (?? / ?t)]
E = smaller then 1
We discover and verified with technologies that efficiency ratio is NOT correct.

Verified by Alperen Technologies: T = +[ N = – (?? / ?t)] is the reality…

Alperen Energy Regeneration Law says:
Efficency ratio;
E = N / T
E = { N = ?? / ?t / N = +[- (?? / ?t)] }
E= maybe bigger then 1


TurXotor® & TurXator® technologies are Confirmation of the “Alperen Energy Regeneration Law” and inaccuracy of the “Energy Conservation Law”

The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.
Efficiency = [output energy / input energy]x100%
Efficiency Ratio can NOT be bigger then “1”

In reality; Energy can neither be created from, nor destroyed to the ABSOLUTE SPACE & NOTHING (nonexistence). But energy production can multiply with decreasing Tool Energy amount, if Source Energy exist and available…

Also; the total energy of an isolated system may NOT remains constant because of total energy includes: “Tool Energy” and “Source Energy”
Total Energy = input energy (Tool Energy + Source Energy) + output energy
Efficiency = [output energy / input energy (Tool Energy + Source Energy)] x100%
In this equation; Tool Energy and Source Energy are variable values and can be changed, because of doing that Efficiency Ratio can be bigger then “1”

TurXotor® and TurXator® technologies are invented based on “Alperen Energy Regeneration Law” and the consequence of inaccuracy of the “Energy Conservation Law”

We will reveal this science with videos…

* With electromagnet / no permenant magnet
* Lenzless
* With Alperen Virtual Motor ® technology
* Brushless

Col. Attila ALPEREN®
Founder & Chairman

The Alperen® Group Turkiye

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