Free Energy Device – Innova Tehu Eu D1943 Livestream with Chat 1/2

Free Energy Device – Innova Tehu Eu D1943 Livestream with Chat 1/2
This video shows the Livestream I have recorded of the Free Energy Device from Innova Tehu EU from thne 6th of November 2016 .
This is Part 1 of the Livestream I recorded today.
This Free Energy Device was built from a younger colleague of Hans Coler who worked with Hans Coler during the 2nd World war on the PowerSupply for “Die Glocke” – “The Bell” UFO type craft.
After the 2nd world war this guy kept the original device in his own museum and worked for many years for the big company Sulzer in Winterthur Switzerland and developped this Free Energy Device further, so until 7 years ago he did not tell anybody about this Free Energy Device Generator design…So now the Innova Tehu company will produce these devices and will start selling them from the 10th of January on for about 3000 Euros. On the 15th of December they will have their website up and running and in the first quarter of 2017 they will show a Free Energy Device Generator that can produce about 20 KWatts contineously that will be integrated into an Electric driven Truck. The truck will still have batteries and supercaps, so the peak power will be 200 KWatts for starting or
climbing hills, etc..
So this Free Energy Device has a great history and the inventor did work with Coler and is now 90 years old.. what a story… so we are glad this technology has not been lost…
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