Quick vid for GIAOM – Poundland type jet

Here’s mine, same model but from Dollar Tree in the USA in 2009.
Shed storage resulted in a broken tail and the wings kept falling out, so it was remodelled to form what I call the ‘Shed Jet’.
The nose was sanded and also winglets added. More recently, the windows and cockpit were highlighted.

Components used:
Air Hogs Mini Storm Launcher electronics, comprising the following
27MHz transmitter, 300ft range
2x N20 brushed motors
Original propellers, counter rotating
2 channel receiver
1S 410mAh lipo

It can be cleanly flown, with gentle jet type flight or really thrown around the air !
Glide is good, helped by the KFm 2 type of extra pieces on the fronts of the wings.
Normally, any build using this set of components can weigh only to a maximum of 2oz. This is quite a bit heavier, yet flies lighter.
Excellent in stronger winds too (10mph+).

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