Building a PiStation – retro gaming

Re-using the casing from a broken Sony Playstation, to create a PiStation ————— Info below

This PiStation runs original 1980’s arcade games, plus console games for the Nintendo 64, Playstation, Dreamcast, SNES, DOS and many more. Kodi and OpenElec media centers are installed. It also runs Armbian Linux, with full desktop and internet abilities….all selectable within the Emulation Station front end.
I’ve designed a custom boot screen, similar to the Sony PS2.
There is some configuration to do with specific titles, but overall it’s turned out to be a great result.
Do note – only original titles that are personally owned can legally be used with any such build !

Build features:
Original Playstation case – not a 3D printed copy
Power cord input – not a USB wire hanging out of the back
Working reuse of power switch
USB PS controller to front original input port
Back panel Ethernet port
Clean open/close of disc access lid
System cooling is unhindered by plastics
Case screw holes unhindered
Modern blue power LED

The video has been shortened from a colossus of a thing, so there are a couple of continuity mismatches. But, my PC takes about 2hrs to render a 10 minute video and anyone would likely skip through 🙂

Hardware used:
Sony Playstation (approx $5-$15 yard sale price)
Orange Pi PC (approx $20)
Playstation controller to USB converter (approx $2 on Ebay)
8GB SD card ($4)
USB power supply, 2A (approx $5)

Software used:
RetrOrangePi 2.5:
Emulation Station:

I might build such things to sell, if parts can be sourced.
If interested, please send an email to

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