Soda Can and Salt Water Battery

This is a homemade battery that uses a cut in half aluminum soda can as both electrodes and saltwater as the electrolyte. The interesting aspect of this cell is that it uses only one metal (aluminum) for both electrodes. Slider2732 here at YouTube gave me the idea for this ‘one metal electrode’ method. I do not know the chemistry involved but it appears to be a rechargeable cell or super capacitor of some sort. It might be an aluminum / air battery but with identical electrodes it is strange. It will accept a charge with 1.5v to 3v. The output is only about 1/2 volt at under 10 mA. Total energy capacity and longevity has yet to be determined. It is currently being tested using solar energy for recharging and a low power DC pulse motor as the load.
This is the first experiment that I did for this type cell using just Al foil for the plates:

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