1.2V Wireless Electric Arduino POV

Much more info below:

By shifting to IR LED’s from a Hall sensor for the position sensing and changing the resonance of the wireless electricity system, this Persistence Of Vision circuit can run using a 1.2V AA rechargeable battery..

Green is a bad colour for LED’s on these, because pickup on cameras is affected. But, they were the ones on the junk board.
In real life, they look fine and the POV itself works well.

The system uses about 250mA, mainly due to the load on the motor, which would benefit from a clean new Arduino. This one has the pins on the back and snipped legs where it used to plug into a breadboard. Balance is good though, with the 3 extra LED’s left on at the front.

Full commented code for the display is here:

The original wire-up and base code that I started with can be found here:

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