Wireless Electric POV !

A wireless electricity powered mini POV display.
Much more info below –

5 LED’s, 4 rows per letter and number
Wide RPM range auto rotation speed correction for motors
Multiple messages
Multiple sequences – button based

After seeing Great Scott’s video on making a persistence of vision device, then seeing several more for design ideas, it occurred that wireless electricity could do this.
Using a power efficient Arduino Pro Mini enabled a small USB powered POV to be built.

The pots and transistor were sourced from an old CRT TV, which is kind of fitting. The motors internal brushless circuit runs erratically, being powered by 5V and sometimes runs too quickly for the coded time delays to keep pace with, hence the pot was fitted. The pot works well though for stopping to change patterns.
Wireless circuit is my SWES2, Simple Wireless Electricity 2, with a light duty Delon voltage doubler to power the Hall sensor device.
The coils were wound on a pills bottle, 24+24 using 30AWG for the transmitting coil, 24 turns of 30AWG for the pickup coil.

Great Scott’s Instructable:

Base code to work from by Glen P Yeldho:

Delon Voltage Doubler for 5V Hall sensor

My complete fully commented code as seen running:

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