Cold Fusion update#3 : CR-39 Research, Nuclear Track Testing. AKA: Dosimeter

In this video I show you the method i used in my Solid State Nuclear Track Detector. Using CR-39 plastic one can see the tracks being created as partials decaying from a Nuclear reaction. .

I started by exposing the CR-39 plastic to a americium source for 3 min. Because the tracks are extremely small we need to etch the plastic so we can see the tracks with the optical microscope. For Etching i tried the “standard” 6 hrs etching time with 6M NaOH @ 80c and found that it was just way to long.

I then went back and set up the experiment slightly better and more controlled. I covered the americium source with AL foil and poked a pin hole in it. Then covering the source with a metal plate and suspending the CR-39 plastic about 5 mm above the source, exposing the disk for 1 min. The goal was to achieve a more controlled exposure.

For etching i used the same 6M NaOH @ 80c but this time i exposed the disk’s for 30min, 60min, 90min, and 120min. This way i could find the best time for etching and get the best results.

I created some documents about what i did here that might be better for those who want to see the photos better. please see here:

more on my LENR work here:

Forms and discussions here:

thanks for watching!
~Russ Gries

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