Electric OU: Micro QEG Part 1: Texas Has Resonance !

Please watch the rest of this series before you come to any radical conclusions.

Here I am illustrating how a large amount of Reactive Power (Volt-Amps Reactive, or VARs) can be produced in an oscillator at resonance. This reactive power can exceed by many times the actual input power to the system.

Does this mean “overunity” as claimed by “Fix The World” with their so-called Quantum Energy Generator QEG device? If my device is not “overunity” how is it possible for them to claim that theirs is?

Of course neither my device, NOR THEIRS, is actually “overunity”. Most particularly, the FTW QEG cannot self-run, will never be “started by a crank mechanism” and cannot power a home as claimed in several places by the FTW principals.

Note that the FTW QEG people have taken in many thousands of dollars in crowd-funding and private donations based on their claims about their device, and many people have also spent many thousands of dollars of additional money building QEG devices that they expect to perform in an overunity, even self-running, mode based on the claims made by the FTW QEG principals.

Of course those claims of overunity and self-running are false, and it is very likely that the donors and builders would not have donated or spent all that money on building their systems, had the false claims not been made by the FTW QEG people.

Once again, this is the first video in a series, so please watch the rest of the playlist.

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