Graphite Alufoil Galvanic Selfmade Battery Cell powering Garden Light LED Circuit

Graphite Alufoil Galvanic Selfmade Battery Cell powering Garden Light LED Circuit
This was just a test to see, if I can power with a selfmade DIY Graphite Alufoil Galvanic Battery with WoodfireAsh-Water as the alkaline electrolyte an gardenlight LED circuit, which is simular to a Julethief circuit.
And it works well.
The Cell is built from a graphite Rod or Graphite Cylinder with Toilet paper as the separator and alufoil as the other electrode.
The Graphite Rod is the positive Pole and the Alufoil the negative pole and only the alufoil will get consumed.
The electrolyte is composed out of Woodfire-Ash soluted in Water and then filtered. This will get you a very alkaline electrolyte consisting of Calcium and Potassium Carbonate and KOH salts in water from the Woodfire-Ash. It has around PH value 9 to 10.
It has an open circuit voltage of around 1.39 Volts and a short circuit current of about 20 MilliAmps in this size and was able to drive this LED gardenlight circuit. Then the load voltage on the Cell was about 0.8 Volts.
These cells can be scaled up by putting stainless steel mesh metal around the graphite Electrode as a low ohmic pickup electrode.
This will lower the inner resistance and thus the cell can drive more current.
Also one side of the graphite should be able to breath air, because these are air-metal batteries, so it would be best, if the graphite electrode would be a big plate that on one side has the electrolyte and and on the other side has air, so it would be best to put the graphite electrode as the wall of the electrolyte container…

Hope this helps.

Regards, Stefan.

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