Free Energy Cold Fusion DIY Selfmade At Home – LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Free Energy Cold Fusion DIY Selfmade At Home – LENR – Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
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This is a Video that shows how to make yourself a Cold Fusion Heater in a Stainless Steel Mug and that it puts out more Energy than you put into the system in total.
This is some kind of electrolysis effect that runs with a tungsten welding electrode as the cathode and a Stainless steel drinking mug as the anode. The Tungsten Welding rod is only fed onto the surface of the electrolyte that consists of 10 % NaOH solution in destilled water. When the Tungsten rod touches the electrolyte surface and about 50 to 100 Volt DC are applied, there will be an bright arc running and burning the electrolyised HHO gas on the surface. This generates overunity heat from this reaction. In this video it is exactly shown how to setup all the experiment to prove it that it works.
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P.S: This video was produced by Andi
from the Team and I got the permission to post it here on my channel.
Please also look into the HHO DVD you can buy from this website.

The experiments shown in this video are still in development and can contain errors. Therefore these experiments are not yet intended for any real life applications. The instructions in this video are for experienced technicians only, or adults with expert chemical knowledge. Consult an authorized specialist if you are uncertain with any aspect of this manual.

Use at your own risk. Keep experiments away from others, especially from children, animals, furniture, beverages and food. Keep away from mobile phones, weapons, explosives and flammable materials. Do not smoke. Do not try this at home. Do not try this outdoors. Keep away from rain, fire, puddles, storms and any other influences of weather. Work in a dry and appropriate environment suitable for technical experiments, such as a machine workshop. Good air ventilation is absolutely necessary. Always keep a fire extinguisher at hand. Be cautious, some materials can get very hot during manufacturing or experiments. Do not work if you feel ill, sleepy or if you are drunk. Do not inhale fumes and vapor! Do not touch acids, dyes or any other liquids resulting from the experiments. In case of skin contact immediately rinse with plenty of water. Keep all chemicals away from skin and face. Store all chemicals in their original containers only. Always wear protective clothing, protective glasses, protective gloves, protective footwear and ear protection! Danger of electric shocks! Risk of toxication, burns, alkali burns! Mortal danger at above 48 Volts (may differ depending on your local authorities).

Thank you for watching and sharing! Please excuse any mistakes, we are still learning! Free knowledge for a free planet!

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