RWG-OSD #1: OverSized Delta 3D Printer Build. The Introduction… What Did I Get MySelf In To?

OK all! This will be a very fun build! step by step build series. this is part 1, The introduction. it all starts here. and gust gets crazy!

the RWG-OSD ( OverSized Delta)

Build Playlist! :

i will be recording each step of the way. from start to finish. I will get theses videos out fast as a i can! so there might be some back to back! i got to balance working on this and editing video! so yeah… don’t forget the rest of the life things 🙂

once more in to the build i will dedicate a web page it it! but for now more info and things here at the forums as i go!…

also if you are wondering… i’m not interested in buying a delta 3d printer. its WAY WAY WAY more fun to build one foam scratch! 🙂

my other Rostock:…

Live Stream!:

God Bless! ~Russ Gries

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