Best LED Bulbs – Retro Edison bulbs – New E27 LED Bulbs Comparison Review

Best LED Bulbs – Retro Edison bulbs – New E27 LED Bulbs Comparison Review
In this video I show a comparison of 3 new LED bulbs for AC.
These are all LED bulbs with a standard E27 Edison socket.
These can be greatly used to save electrical power in your home, cause LED bulbs only draw about 1/10th of the power that normal incandescent bulbs draw.
The problem until now was always, that LED bulbs had mostly poor color rendition and tended to be too cold white or not really incandescent like….
But now there are some new very yellowish LED bulbs on the market, that even go down to 1800 Kelvin color temperature.
In this review I unforntunately only have 2200 Kelvin, but this is also already very nice.

I really recommend this bulb now, if you still want to use normal AC house lighting with LED bulbs:

This LED filament COB bulb I recently bought is very nice warm yellow LED light ! The best LED bulb I own now..I like the light output very much ! Very relaxing !
It is called:
Leadleds 4W Vintage Edison LED Filament Light
There is also a 6 Watts version.
This is an old style Retro Edison filament COB LED Light bulb with a bronish-yellow coating inside the glas to make it even look more old style in color.
This bulb I like the most. I will soon also test the ones
with just 1800 Kelvin.
On Amazon you can only get this type right now:

The next bulb is this multiple 3 mm yellow 4 mm LEDs on several circuit boards inside the glas bulb:
It is called:
Kiven ST64 Vintage Edison Design E26 3w 2200k Warm White Beautiful and Romantic LED Decorative Light Bulbs for Holiday Christmas Indoor Party
Unique led beads light source designed,brass base with glass shade,nostalgic reproduction
Bulb dimensions:2.52″W x 5.43″H(6.4cm x 13.8cm)
Hand-made led lights,3 watt power,Medium E26 base (Fits most sockets)
110-120 Volts,rated 25000 to 30000 hours long lifespan
Vintage edison led light bulbs for christmas decoration or retro light fixtures

And the last bulb is:
LIGHTSTORY A19 6W LED Filament Bulb 60W Equivalent, E26 Base, 2700K, Non-dimmable
THE BEST ENERGY SAVING LED LIGHT – 6 watts replaces the standard 60-watt incandescent light bulb
COOL RETRO LOOKING LED BULBS – 360 degree beam angle, soft white, light pattern same as incandescent bulbs
BUY MORE SAVE MORE – operating cost per year: $0.84, lifetime savings: up to $152(base on national average electric price)
ECO-FRIENDLY LED LIGHTING – clear glass led bulbs, mercury-free, no flicker and no UV
EXTREMELY LONG LIFE – 20 years (25000 hours, used 3.5 hours per day)

Happy New Year 2016 !
Regards, Stefan.
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