Eventual earth magnetic effect on pendulum magnet 2

Hi all replicators

I have become some pertinent remarks concerning the cotton thread which can untwist during the test giving an additional torque. So we have to be careful with this experiment before claiming too much.

So this morning , I have made a much lighter setup with the same cotton thread and let it spin until it stops than spinning the other direction, and back and forth until it stops spinning, but than it oscillates during a very long time. During this oscillations, it seems to me that the oscillation CCW was more important than the CW oscillations. At the end of this test, when i released the weight of the magnet, the cotton thread was very torsaded on itself, and i had to pass it a lot of time through my finger to get it straight again. So right now i have great doubt of this cotton thread.
What is astonishing is that there is many replicator all over the world with CCW spinning. Are all the cotton thread twisted the same direction on this planet ? So anyway be very careful perhaps what we are seing here is more a gravity phenomena than a magnetic one.

So to better investigate, i did 2 other experiments,
The first with a very heavy and long bar magnet with at the ends the 2 magnetron ring magnets. This time i have used a perfectly flat untwisted and long ribbon (for Xmas gift) so the magnet will not spin but only oscillate to study the oscillation.
Than i tried an other pendulum but this time there is 2 magnets glued on a plastic elliptical form perfectly balanced on a needle, and the complete system under a glass bowl to avoid air interference.

So these both experiment seems to show that in my house the CCW movement is stronger than the CW.
But another time this is in my house. I will try to replicate on other place and perhaps buy some fishing (untwisted nylon ) lines to see if it also spins or not.

Hope this helps.

i have found some paragliding kevlar ropes, from which i can take unidirectional very thin and solid filament. So no more unwinding possible (verified before each test by hanging a non magnetic washer). The result confirm the CCW tendency in my house. I can in general get some turns (1 to 7 depending of the config) of spinning CCW and as soon as the counter torque build up in the string, it stops, but in general it make half a back turn and begin the oscillations., but nothing so spectacular as per the previous vidéo.
So everything to be confirmed, and perhaps it is all only an magnetic anomaly in my particular house. But i don’t see a motor or generator with this really simple experiment.


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