This video can appear as a real fake, and if i would have seen it from an other youtuber i would have considering it as a MONSTER FAKE
But it is not.

This experiment is a result from today’s experiment from Magluvin and Grumage at OU.com.

So no blabla , this experiment cost NOTHING in money and time, so get a ring magnet from a microwave oven “magnetron” or any other ring magnet (or disk magnet or perhaps every magnet) and hang it with a thin and long sewing thread and test it.
I leave in the north hemisphere (europe) and it spins only counter clockwise, no chance on clockwise.
Where does this asymmetry come from ??
I have tried with many different magnets in and outside all around my house.
If i let the magnet spin long enough, the torsion of the thread will stop the spinning and than the magnet spins on the other direction, but much slower and sops much before the torsion has completely released
Very very interesting stuff here

Hope this helps

Good luck at all


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