Neutral/Alkaline Supercap – Motor Run + How To

See this video by Red Rake, for the Epsom salt graphene method:

Mine didn’t quite work out, so I thought, with there being hardly any sheen of graphene on the top of the liquid. Maybe less current should have been used.
After several hours to settle, the Epsom/water cleared well and left a murky dark layer at the bottom.
The top liquid was removed with the pippet thing and the dark layer was used as the electrolyte in the cell.
Iodized salt was sprinkled on the electrolyte wetted kitchen roll, then activated carbon was also sprinkled as a layer on each side too.
2 pieces of galvanized steel completed the cell structure.

A 5 seconds charge at 12V (actually 11.8V now on those old 18650’s) and away it went.

The motor is a 6mm coreless, with a propeller from an ITC F-22 model airplane.
Although not measured yet, starting voltage is likely in the 1.2V-1.4V range.

The PH is likely quite neutral. If anything, it may be alkali, but is certainly not highly acidic as is the case with phosphoric acid and vinegar cells.
As such, the plates should last well and all ingredients are far ‘greener’ for recycling.

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