TPU Extensive Torture / Strength Testing & Temperature Tests. Smash stuff! non Scientific Testing

TPU Extensive Torture / Strength Testing And Temperature Tests. Lets Smash stuff! ( non scientific testing)

This is a fallow up video from the TPU testing here:

lots of good stuff.

I ended up using 195C for my TPU hot end temp. running slow this did fine and gave the best result. this stuff bonds well at most any temp i tried. That fantastic! De-lamination is almost non existent. only in the extreme measures did it fail. and mostly when it was a thick part bonded to a small part.

as far as bed temp i could get away with Cold Glass, or 35C Glass. also used Blue painters tape. i haven’t found anything else yet that works that well…

hope this helps others…

God Bless!

~Russ Gries

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