Lightning Powered LED – No Aerial Crystal Radio

Progress towards using radio waves and natural weather effects to power loads.
The Crystal Radio initiative is a project from Eric Dollard and details can be found at the Energetic Forum.

The past few days have seen some serious yard work ! digging trenches and inserting 8ft copper and steel pipes of 50ft distance from each other. Thoe pipes are angled to ‘broadside’ the ground waves emitted by local radio station KRMG, out of Tulsa, approx 40 miles away.

Using no aerial, this radio allows the reception of that station very strongly (when a storm isn’t around), but will also tune to KFAQ (good for the Clyde Lewis Ground Zero show) and several other stations. Notable reception has been of stations from Denver Colorado, Houston Texas and one in Ohio….all through the ground.
2 x ferrite pieces sit inside the spaced turns lower coil, but it will run without them. That section of video was omitted in error, but Openshot editor took 2hrs to render as it was.

The power to the speaker was switched off and power from the wall, the LED still came on with lightning strikes and did so for an hour after it passed.

Also, placing a hand on the receiver coils themselves does nothing at all ! Which points to ground throughput and not air based reception.

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