PARADOX Earth’s magnetic field Amazing experiment with a powerful magnet Игорь Белецкий

Amazing experiment with a powerful magnet in the magnetic field of the Earth. How can that be. Geomagnetic Field.

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My name is Igor Beletsky. I’ve been fond of technical creativity and the popularization of science in the Internet. My videos speak for themselves. Today I dedicate to this task all the time, turning a hobby into a job.

I examine physical phenomena, I check the theory and demonstrate the results.
Witness the miraculous transformation of energy from one form to another. Interesting physics, science experiments, spectacular experience, technical homemade, ideas, hypotheses, invention and discovery.
The Stirling engine, steam engine, steam turbine, generator of electricity, electric, magnetism, magnetic levitation, magnetic motor, magnetic bearing, magnetic suspension, flywheel energy storage, supermahovik, water pump, hub sunlight, steam gun, steam rocket, perpetual motion machine, free energy and more.
Stirling engine, Steam engine, Steam Turbine, Generator, Linear Electric Generator, Free Piston Engine, Steam Machine, Thermal Lag Engine, Harwell Thermomechanical Generator TMG, Thermoacoustic Stirling engine, Magnetic Bearing, Magnetic Levitation, Solar concentrator, perpetuum mobile, magnet motor, free energy, water pump.

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