YZXstudio USB power bank

* Purchased from YZX Studio store on Taobao * – YZX studio also provides free updates on their taobao page, with the use of the st link
Used Mistertao agent, to purchase since I don’t speak Chinese.

QualComm 2.0 9v input/output support
Processor – 32-bit ARM; 48MHz clock speed
128×32 OLED
DS2784 coulomb counter
Adjustable cc/cv
USB port recognition
5 x 3.4Ah (17Ah / 61Wh /230g) Panasonic NCR18650b (purchased separately) (15.871Ah Actual used capacity – set at 4.192v charge cutoff/ 3.21v discharge cutoff)

Display info:
battery voltage/amperage
estimated charge/discharge time
amp hours left/total
output watts/current

Adjustable output voltage
Adjustable max charging current
Adjustable trickle current shutdown
Adjustable Undervoltage shutdown
Adjustable charge cutoff voltage
Adjustable display on time
Adjustable screen brightness

Calibration modes for voltage/current/ charge detection etc.

If needed I can provide a my translation of the instruction set that I translated with image to text/ text translation software.

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