Homemade supercap – running a motor !

Have wanted to do this for some while now…to run a motor by using a homemade supercap.

This video follows the other that was uploaded this evening.
Many thanks to Lasersaber, for pointing in the right direction with his video of yesterday.
Also many thanks to Robert Murray-Smith and TinManPower for blazing forwards in their own research and showing us that this stuff is possible !

This second supercap can quick-charge in the way shown, or slow charge using a 470ohm resistor, which is likely better for longer life.
It charges to 1.5v.

The motor is a 6mm R/C type, with white endbell.
Might be able to get a free flight 5 gram plane to fly on the output of this cell, this one itself weighs 2 grams…but the intention is to keep refining the process of building, of lightening and of increasing the storage capacity.

No graphene was used or harmed in the making of this video 🙂

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