Baby step supercap

Quick progress video.
This is a try of an idea, having seen Lasersaber’s video uploaded today.
There is no graphene in this mix, unless being created on the galvanized steel plates during charging.

The mix here was 6 match ends, similar quantity of activated fishtank carbon and a ‘dash’ of vinegar (lol)
The match ends and carbon were crushed up in a small container and then the vinegar added, just enough to form a paste.
That paste was then smeared onto the 2 pieces of galvanized steel.
A separator was initially in the form of a piece of packing tape…but with lack luster results, was removed. As such, this is more like a ‘salts cell’ using 1 metal and not 2 different galvanic reaction metals.
Update – a paper separator is now in place, preventing the 2 plates from touching, for one thing 🙂
Charging is with a wall adapter type NiMH charger, set at 200mAh, or the last couple of times with a 12V Li-Ion battery pack. So far, it has charged up and run a few times with no degradation, running the oscillator for several minutes each time, showing promise that it will recharge the same way until it dries out.
Using the 12V pack, the lights start out quite bright, showing an initially higher charging state, but using the 10 seconds to charge method, they dim out over about 20 seconds and go into the flashing mode, similar to as seen in the video.

A very interesting foray and only took 10 minutes to make.

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