2MP camera idea – on a Snap&Fly R/C plane

YouTube music track added to flight footage.

Bit of an idea, that has worked out really well.
About a year ago, I bought a Hubsan X4 H107C quadcopter (around $40). Onboard is a 2MP HD video camera.
Liking the footage, which is much better straight from the card than with YouTube compression, I decided on ordering a ‘replacement spare’ camera module, for $20 free shipping from Florida.
It seems to have a hair behind the lens, but I intend to unscrew the front, clean it, put it back together.

The biplane carries the weight without issue and the flight time has only dropped by around 1 minute, to 5 minutes on the little 90mAh 1S lipo.
The camera uses 50mAh.

The camera power leads are soldered to 2 tiny magnets, that then clip on to the Bahoma receiver board inside the module.

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