Automatic door opener, CNC style, Demo.

An automatic door opener for our greenhouse , demo.

The door is closed/opened when it gets too cold/hot.
Note that the right door is a net for ventilation.
There is two open position, only the net door is open or fully opened (door opening is wider than the net door).

There is a proximity sensor that senses if the left door is closed so it will be fetched automatically if it should be there.

A pause button will delay sensing of the left door, 1 minute for every press on the button.

An Arduino compatible NETMF embeded computer called Fez Panda is used (NETDUINO 2 pro would work with my software also). Inductive sensors, Dallas 1-wire temp sensors and a H-bridge motor driver (Sparkfun Monster Moto).

The program is basically a timer function that fires every 5 seconds. The timer function starts the motor and sets the next position.
The position sensors has intrerrupt functions that stops the motor depending on next position and stores the current position if motor is stoped.

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