Free Energy Technology Updates from 17th of June 2015

Free Energy Technology Updates from 17th of June 2015

I now tried an Hangout on Air show, where I have went into a
Pavilions colony near my home and had a seat on a Park Bench
and was telling the newest updates.
This was the first sucessful trial of a setup with just broadcasting from my mobile phone via Google Hangouts on Air.
I just did not want to record a movie only just with my camera, but just also stream it live over the Internet. Now I found the right setup, so it has worked out. Surely the data rate is a bit slow so the video frame rate is not too high, but at least the audio is working flawlessly. I used the LTE network from E-Plus (Base) where I have a special 50 GigaBytes/month package, so I can stream a lot of data…( This is a special trarif that is not available anymore to the public nowadays..called Base Urlaubspaket with 50 GB Flatrate).

Anyway here are the Hangout notes what I reported about:
1. Buoyancy Technology by Sayad Abdullaoqli Mammadov

2.Sterling Allan´s upcoming visit to Rosch in Spich:

3.New QEG PDF file with underunity only:
Don´t fall for this donation scam !

4. cayrex2 replication from oluchem of 2.7 Volts Aluminium-MnO2 battery cell:

5. Renewable Energy from Evaporating Water
and this is a simular kit you can already buy:

I was sitting the Park bench here:

Then I went to Netto and was shopping for food here:

By the way the solar garden lights were really only 1.99 Euro,
so it is cheaper than to buy solar cells and make a Joule Thief !
Hope you like this a bit long movie, at least you got a little bit insight of a German food shopping stores…

Regards, Stefan. Please watch: “Chemtrails at the Ghost hours – Chemtrail during the night time”

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