Scoposcopy: Rigol DS1054Z Remote Control, Averaging, Delayed Timebase, Persistence

Here’s a demonstration of remotely controlling the DS1054Z over the LAN by using telnet.

The scope is set to use DHCP to obtain an IP address from the LAN router. Then telnet is used from the computer to connect to the scope on port 5555. Then typing SCPI commands tells the scope what to do. Nearly all of the control panel functions are available in SCPI commands for remote control of the scope.

The commands are found in the MSO1000-DSO1000 Programming Guide document available from the Rigol website.

I also demonstrate the difference in trace appearance when Average acquisition mode is selected, and when a little bit of persistence time is added.

In spite of its bugs, the Rigol DS1054Z is a nice scope, easy to use and has a display that is really nice, compared to the similar offerings from the competitors. The bugs are annoying but perhaps fixable by Rigol in further software updates.

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